Fraunhofer IFAM

The service offer of Fraunhofer IFAM includes application-oriented development of powder-technological manufacturing methods, of high-performance sintered materials as well as cellular metallic materials, and the design of prototypes with particular emphasis on light metals, metallic composites, high-temperature materials, intermetallic phases and highly porous metallic materials for innovative solutions in various economic sectors.

Manufacturing of Nanostructured Materials: Rapid quenching (melt spinning), high energy milling (HEM), pressure-assisted sintering processes (e.g. spark plasma sintering, high-temperature pressing)
Material Development and Prototypes: Energy management (thermoelectrics, hydrogen storage), light metals and composites for traffic engineering and electronics, cellular metallic materials for lightweight construction and functional applications
Thermophysical and Mechanical Characterization: 3d topography measurement, mechanical properties, thermophysical properties