Fraunhofer IPMS

In close cooperation to the manufacturer at the location Dresden north this business unit of IPMS is doing research in the fields of material characterization, development of analytic method or the enhancement of process technologies. Because of the closeness to the partner GLOBALFOUNDRIES manufacturing line, a lot of know how and synergy effects can be used. Because of that, it is possible to get the innovations fast into the manufacturing circles. This allows the reduction of production costs and time.

Laterally Resolved Composition Analysis: 2d and 3d depth profiling (SIMS, ToF-SIMS), 2d element map (EDX, EFTEM, EELS), focused ion beam technique (FIB)
(High Temperature) X-Ray Diffraction: Texture analysis, x-ray reflectivity (XRR), thin film phase diagrams
Inline Metrology for 300 & 200 mm Wafers: Chemical analysis (XPS), film thickness & -resistivity, review-SEM with FIB